Your Brand Page Update

Hi Factory45’ers! Please see the directions below on how to request changes to your brand page on Market45.

Updates will be completed by Emily on the second Friday of every month.

To make sure your changes are implemented for the most immediate update, please submit your request by 5pm ET on the second Thursday of the month.* Any requests that are submitted after that deadline will be made the following month.

*The exception to this timeline is if a product goes out of stock. You are required to notify us within two business days so we can make that immediate change to the site.

How to request an update:

Please email Emily at with the subject line: “Update Request.”

Permitted Updates:

  • Remove product
  • Add a new product
  • Change a price
  • Update an existing product photo
  • Add a new product photo
  • Remove an existing product photo

To add a new product:

Please send the following:

  • Product images (2 per product)
  • Price (as listed on your website)
  • Title and colorway
  • The link to the product on your site

As a reminder, your image file names must use the following name format:


Example: cuyana-cableknitsweater-black.jpg)

To remove a product from your page:

Please send the following:

  • Product name and request for removal.
  • If the removal request is for an out-of-stock item, please use the subject line: Out of Stock Removal Request

To change the price of a product on your page:

Please send the following:

  • Product name and new price (as listed on your website.)

Your attentiveness to necessary changes on Market45 is appreciated!

We want to make sure it is as accurate and up to date as possible. Thank you!